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Paceline Beginner/Intermediate

This class is designed for people looking to improve their fitness and learn basic principles of indoor cycling. We will focus on proper cycling technique and building endurance and strength. This is a 60-minute class which includes a warm-up, a ride and stretching. We hope to get you excited about cycling and able to move to our next level of class. We also want to help you get road ready!
Early Bird Session

$320 -- 32 Classes
2 sessions/week -- 4 months
Nov-Feb, Tue + Thu @ 5:45AM

This is our intermediate class. We will focus on conditioning and taking your cycling to the next level. Classes are 60 minutes, 45-50 minutes of riding and finishing up with stretching.

$15 -- Drop In
$120 -- 10 Classes
One Month Unlimited

$130 -- One Month Unlimited*
Paceline Plus

This class is designed for the cycling enthusiast who has had some experience riding on the road. Cycling principles of cadence, power wattage, heart rate, and training zones will all be integrated through a varied class building endurance, hill climbing, sprinting, and strength training. We'll even cover pacelining and other group riding/racing topics. Your Garmin Ant+ device works with our bikes so you can download all your information from your workout or if you don’t have a Garmin our bikes come equipped with a cycling computer to measure your power, cadence and more.
Five Month Unlimited

$550 -- Five Month Unlimited*
What To Bring

• Bottled Water
• Hand Towel
• Bath Towel (Showers Available)
• Hard-soled shoes OR
Cycling shoes with SPD Clips
• Padded Shorts Recommended
*Includes FTP Tests
Passes expire 5/31/2019