Coaching Services
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Plans start at $100*/mo for data analysis, workout plan, strength training, 1 weekly email + 1 monthly phone call.
Initial set up an additional $50.

Plans start at $90*/mo for Paceline members.
One time individual consultation and power data analysis $50*/hr, 1 hour minimum.

Whether you're a recreational cyclist who wants to become a more efficient, faster rider to keep up with friends or you're looking to build fitness for an event, coaching provides guidance and confidence for any athlete.

Mia is a level 3 certified USAC coach and will complete her level 2 training this February. She is an avid cyclist residing in Madison, WI who enjoys rides with seasoned racers as much as the beginning rider - because that's where we all began, right? This year, Mia will again race for Wheel & Sprocket and plans to race for the elite squad within the season. She has appeared many times on the podium at Tour of America's Dairyland and State Championships for her category. Her strengths are criteriums and sprinting. She has an insatiable curiosity for many things, cycling and fitness ranking on the top of the list. She enjoys extending her reach into new experiences and destinations.

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