Coaching Services
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Plans start at $100*/mo for data analysis, workout plan, strength training, 1 weekly email + 1 monthly phone call.
Initial set up an additional $50.

Plans start at $90*/mo for Paceline members.
One time individual consultation and power data analysis $50*/hr, 1 hour minimum.

Whether you're a recreational cyclist who wants to become a more efficient, faster rider to keep up with friends or you're looking to build fitness for an event, coaching provides guidance and confidence for any athlete.

Mia is a USA Cycling level 2 certified coach who has been instructing for over 3 years. She has been training with power for over 5 years and is a Category 2 road racer in the pro field, primarily focused on road racing. Mia brings a lot of new training and recovery techniques from her training as well.

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